Apps & Demo

Mr. Li is a project manager and senior transportation engineer with 20+ years of experience in traffic studies, operational analysis, micro-simulation, travel demand modeling, and customized software development for transportation analysis.

Deep theoretical knowledge in graph theory/traffic equilibrium assignment/agent based simulation and have strong software implementation skills, developed free web apps such as comparing W74 & W99 car following model parameters and autonomous vehicle control to improve traffic flow; comparing the convergence of static equilibrium assignment Algorithm B against Frank Wolfe; free Web based VISSIM Viewer and ODME tool based on Bi-level Optimization and Maximum Entropy Matrix Estimation (ME2). Mobile apps include MUTCD and SHS app - both iOS and Android platform.

Experience working for clients ranging from State Departments of Transportation including MDOT, NJDOT, PennDOT, VDOT, FDOT, CTDOT, Caltrans and TxDOT; Federal Agencies including FHWA, FRA and DHS; Metropolitan Planning Organizations; Turnpike/Toll Authorities and various other local transportation agencies and private sector clients.

Fluent with traffic simulation software including VISSIM, Synchro/SimTraffic, travel demand modeling software including Cube/TP+, TransCAD, VISUM and proficient with C#.NET, C++, Java, JavaScript/Node.js web front/back ends, Python, TensorFlow machine learning framework and Xamarin cross platform Mobile Applications.